Firestorm: the Nuclear Man #25 (2006)

What a fun comic book. And what a pleasant break from comics with all-out world shattering events that will change comics as we know it forever. Firestorm is a very solid, very traditional super-hero comic where readers can have wonderful non-ironic, non-post-modern fun watching a good guy fight some bad guys.

In this case, Firestorm battles old arch-enemy Killer Frost, who’s teamed up with the Batman’s nemesis Mister Freeze to make ol’ flamehead’s life miserable. Killer Frost forces Firestorm to fly to the sun, where the two people who inhabit Firestorm’s body, Jason and Lorraine, get help from an unexpected source to defeat her. That unexpected source leads up to the great OYL mystery of this series, and should lead to interesting plot threads in the future.

Stuart Moore’s script crackles with clever lines, whether it’s Killer Frost, on her way to the sun, talking about how she needed to travel more, or Batman’s stunning speech to Firestorm. That script makes for a fun, fast and charming read. Igle and Champagne’s art, along with David Baron’s coloring, is appropriately light and bright for this comic. There are clever moments in the art, such as many different incarnations of Firestorm defeating Killer Frost, but those moments don’t take away from the story at all.

This is a tremendously solid super-hero comic, well worth reading.


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