Infinite Crisis #7 (2006)

Okay, I reviewed all the previous issues of this series in this blog, so I have to review the final issue, too. The problem is that all the strong and weak points of the issue were pretty much summed up in previous posts about it.
On the good side I liked the spectacle of the story, the feeling that literally hundreds of costumed heroes and villains were fighting each other. I love that you can look at literally any page and see and see some obscure character or other in battle. That’s fun, and really fulfills a lot of the hidden agenda of a comic like this one. C’mon, we all know as longtime fanboys and girls that the real thrill of a comic like this is seeing our elementary school dream of "let’s see all the superheroes fight all the supervillains" down on paper. Hell, Jim Lee’s cover alone fulfills that dream in spades.
Who really cares if the plot is sketchy and the Earth-Prime Superboy is kind of a cheezy and weak villain and the whole plot doesn’t make a ton of sense? Does it really need to? This isn’t a book like Civil War that attempts to bring in some sorts of real-world concerns, or even Identity Crisis that tries to overlay adult themes on superhero stories. Instead, this series is simple escapism, a raw bold and colorful thrill ride that doesn’t accomplish any more or less than it is expected to.
The series also accomplished its other aim: to be a springboard for other DC series, and help to reinvigorate the DC line with its One Year Later gimmick.
A big, bold, bright and empty series that gains new readers while not driving away too many of the old readers? That’s gotta be a success for someone.

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