Uncle $crooge Adventures #33 (1995, reprinting a story from 1952)

Yeah, it’s a double-shot today, since I ddin’t post yesterday and since a lot of you only want to read about comics.
This issue reprints "Only A Poor Old Man," the classic first Carl Barks Uncle $crooge story from 1952. Now I’ve never been a Barks fan, never really read his comics at all, really. Instead, I always viewed his legacy with a kind of detached interest. I’ve known that people adore the man’s work in the same way that I know people enjoy the work of certain painters or sculptors, as someone really great at something I don’t really enjoy.
But my friends have insisted for years that Barks is one of the greatest cartoonists of all tim, and that I was really missing out by not reading his work. So finally at last month’s Emerald City Comicon, I asked John Shaner, a Seattle convention fixture, to pick the cream of the crop from their 7/$10 selection of Disney comics. And John picked this issue, which reprints that famous classic story.
Well, I’m not a huge fan yet, but this is great comics. In every way, this is a crisp, nicely plotted, extremely enertaining story. It zips along with a charming plot that implies future and past adventures. It has time for each of the characters to have their scenes, and shows why each character is wonderful. It has some priceless character bits with Scrooge swimming through his money pit. And it’s charming as can be.
In other words, it’s the perfect first issue. "Only a Poor Old Man" introduces characters and themes that Barks would explore for many years, and does so in such a graceful and charming way that it works on two levels: for kids, the comic is breezy fun. For an adult who’s obsessed with comics, the comic has a brightness and charm impossible to resist.
I definitely want to read more by "the good duck artist."

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