Doctor Who (2006): “Tooth and Claw”

Oh yeah, this is the good stuff. This was a wonderful episode of the new Doctor Who, in which the Doctor and Rose travel to 1878 Scotland and meet Queen Victoria, get involved in stopping a werewolf (or an alien, of course) on the Moors, and generally galavant around and have a great time.
It’s clear that it’s all about the characters having a great time. This Doctor and companion aren’t dour or act like they’re on a great mission. Instead, the pair are out to have fun and enjoy themselves. So the Doctor turns on the CD player and listens to Ian Dury and the Blockheads, and the pair decide spontaneously to travel back to 1978. But the Doctor overshoots and they go to 1878, and the Doctor and Rose just shrug their shoulders and enjoy spending time there. No angst, no worry about things, the pair just goes along, having a great time, defeating evil aliens but never really seeming too much in danger because, after all, he’s the Doctor and he’s done this sort of thing before.
This episode is just so damn fun. There are shaolin priests and space alien werewolves and wonderful old music and a very wonderful Queen Victoria. David Tennant is settling in as the Doctor, and he and Rose have even more chemistry than they did last season. It’s got energy and verve and enthusiasm, and, you know, I just had a grand old time of it watching this episode. This may not be the most thoughtful post  ever do on this blog, but you know, I just had fun watching this.
Next week’s episode is "Old School", featuring the return of Sarah Jane Smith and K9. Can the Brigadier be far behind?

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