Daredevil #68 (1970)

Way back in the old days, my old haunting grounds Amazing Heroes used to run what we called "silly covers." The idea was exactly what you might think it was: goofy and silly fake covers of super-heroes. My favorite cover was of "Baredevil, the man without clothes". As Baredevil, ahem, freely swung through Manhattan (with a discretely placed leg), only his face covered with a mask, a man and woman observed our hero. And both think the same thing, "Gasp! Matt Murdock is really… Baredevil" Okay, I was like 13 at the time, and the mere mention of nudity was exciting for me. And the gag is kind of amusing.
Anyway, I thought of that silly cover because I recently picked up this comic. Wacky cover, there, huh? We have a boxer lying in a locker room floor, apparently knocked out. We have the man without fear (who is also the man without nipples, apparently) standing in trunks, boots and a mask – clearly the stupidest hero outfit ever – and what does the bearded bad guy notice? The gloves and the mask? As if this sort of thing happens every day. Now I do realize that the chunky blonde guy looks extremely happy to get so close to this virile and scantly-dressed man, but what kind of reaction is that, anyway?
Inside? Oh yeah, some typically gorgeous artwork by Gene Colan and Syd Shores, a great team of the time. I go crazy for Colan, who did not draw the cover – Gene the Dean has class – and the comic has some typically stunning art. How is Colan not thought of in the same breath as Kirby, Ditko or Adams?

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