Fear Agent #3 (2006)

It’s another all-action issue, as Heath the Fear Agent and Mara escape the Elder ship, only to see their sabotaged ship blow up. The pair crash-lands on "some post-apocalyptic, lifeless ice-turd," where they immediately find themselves under attack from some very nasty robots.

Yeah, it’s all-out action, but what glorious action. The story speeds along at an insane clip. It’s all action and reaction, no time to sit back and take things in. Instead, the reader, like the characters, has no choice but to accept what’s going on. And, since writer Remender and artist Moore are so convincing in their setting, it all makes total sense in context. There’s a feeling that there’s a greater story going on here, part of a fully-formed cosmos where Fear Agents are the badass heroes of the galaxy, and many civilizations have risen and fallen.

Tony Moore’s art is spectacular, all exciting angles and intense action. The intense attention to detail heightens the drama, especially on the post-apocalyptic planet, where the detail in the setting makes things tremendously exciting.

The comic is full of humor, too: Heath’s swig of booze before launch, Mara punching out Heath as she wakes up after the crash, Heath’s disgusting space-ship.

Fear Agent is one thrill after another. It’s a shame this comic comes out so slowly; every thrill-packed issue leaves the reader wanting another.

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