Blitzkrieg #3 (1976)

"Searing battle sagas of World War II as seen through the enemy eyes!" That’s what the cover of this comic promises. I’d never actually seen an issue of this comic until last month, but I always found it intriguing when advertised in the pages of DC’s other comics. I always wanted to try this comic, even though I was never really a war comics fan. So I was excited to pick this issue up for a dollar, even if it was beat to crap.
Basically I was hoping to find something that portrayed what life was probably like for the Nazis. I’m a Jew, so I hjave an instinctive hatred of anything with the Swastika on it, but I’m also interested in how propaganda and indoctrination affected the Germans of that era. Unfortunately, however, this comic just still shows the Nazis as evil.
They commit two massacres in this comic, one of a group of children, and while some of the German soldiers feel remorse, there’s nothing like the intelligence and internal conflicts of some of the best war comics. I wanted something different, but this is just average. 

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