Nextwave #3 (2006)

So there’s a really bad cop who’s about to retire. He’s the scourge of his neighborhood, stealing from mugging victims and skimming off the top of the money earned by prostitutes. The guy’s known as Office Mangel, and we get to know him really well in the course of this comic. Really well. As in, seven long pages of this comic are devoted to the various crimes of this nasty police officer. Seven long pages of nastiness and pointlessness in a comic that’s supposed to be both funny and compressed.
This issue is pretty much unfunny and decompressed. There’s a cute scene where Boom-Boom discusses a night out clubbing, and another where Bloodstone is driving around chasing the cop, who’s become some sort of nasty robot cyborg police officer dude. But even there it’s not really hilarious, just sort of funny. "Death Race 2000! I am President Frankenstein!" she screams at the beginning of the scene, as if the mere mention of a cult film from the 1970s (and the subject of an indy comic in the ’80s) is supposed to raise a chuckle. Overall this story just crawls along in a dull manner until it kind of stops.
Don’t blame Immonen and van Grawbadger for this, though. Their art is as immaculate and wonderful as you might expect it to be. Their approach to scene setting and character is fantastic. They consistently make the story more interesting and exciting through their powerful presentation.
I thought the text page earned a chuckle, an inspired blog-like review of a crappy ’80s song that delivers the cleverness and humor that I’d expected after the first two wonderful issues of this series. But in the end, my disappointment with Ellis wins out. This is a two-bullet issue of what has been a clever and funny comic. I hope it bounces back. Mr. Ellis, can you please deliver us less nasty cop and more wacky super-hero action in the next issue?

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