Infinite Crisis #6 (2006)

Yeah, it took eleven artists to draw this comic. But it only took one writer, and he’s delivered a huge, widescreen experience, literally spanning the stars to deliver an enormous, omniverse-spanning adventure. If it has some aspects of it that are dull or frustrating, and it does for me, this comic still delivers on what it was intended to deliver. This comic’s big, it’s fun, and it’s got a whole bunch of characters in colorful costumes all doing various different things.

It’s the “various different things” that I’m sure will draw the dislike of many readers. There are scenes all over the place in this comic – from Stonehenge to several alternate earths, from the OMAC satellite to wherever the hell the Monitor’s tower is (Antarctica? the comic never actually says). And I can appreciate that criticism. I’m still not really clear on whose tower Superboy has been staying, nor why the Spectre singles out Star Sapphire out for destruction instead of helping the supernatural heroes, or, really, why the Earth-Prime Superboy is on the rampage in the first place. Those plot points might bother some people, and those are valid criticisms.

But, what can I say, I liked the comic. I liked it in part because of its lack of coherence. Okay, not the lack of coherence as much as the feeling that everything was thrown into this comic, including the kitchen sink. This issue presents Klarion the Witch Boy, and Steve Ditko’s the Odd Man, and the Legion of Super-Heroes of Earth-247 (clever in-joke there for Legion fans) and Earth-97, where DC’s long-forgotten Tangent comics heroes live, and dozens if not hundreds of obscure and wonderful characters in the margins. We see giant ghostly hands rearrange the Earths like so many puzzle pieces, and more shocked reactions than may have ever appeared in a comic book in history.

Sure, you can compare this comic with Crisis on Infinite Earths and find this comic lacking. Of course, the first Crisis has passed into the realm of being a legendary comic, and its flaws are pretty much ignored today. Does anyone remember how stupid the idea is of an Anti-Monitor, or remember the villain war that was big and flashy but never really went anywhere in the first Crisis? The first Crisis is a wonderful comic, but it was not without its flaws.

Infinite Crisis is a big, giant, incoherent, wonderful, silly mess. I can’t help myself, my fanboy passion kicks in whenever I look at this comic. It needed eleven artists because this comic would have killed only one. Infinite Crisis is truly the spectacle so large that even George Perez, the Hercules of crowd scenes, needs ten collaborators to illustrate this book. I love InC for that.


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