Avengers #104 (1972)

Oh lordy, a comic written by Roy Thomas. I used to love Roy Thomas’s comic. On Avengers and Invaders and Conan I loved his writing. But maybe I’ve become sensitized to "the Boy", and now I just find his stuff unreadable.
Roy Thomas’s writing at this point was just so damn verbose. Page three of this comic, for instance, is simply overwhelmed by captions and word balloons, where Quicksilver goes on and on and on ad nauseum about the mission that they’re on, how the Sentinels have gotten stronger, how the Sentinels live in deep tunnels, and how hard it is finding good hair gel to give his hair that cool wave thing that he wears in his hair.
Has anyone ever done a dissertation on Quicksilver’s hair? I’m kind of fascinated by it. Has he always been white-haired? Whence came his cool wave thing he wears? Is this something that was taught to him by his adoptive mother that cow woman (no, really, a cow brought Pietro up. Well, she was a cow that walked on two legs and talked, but she was a cow. That says moo.)
Anyway, like I said, Roy Thomas loved to write lots of words at that time, and he brings us such deathless chatter as "I am older than when you Sentinels last walked the Earth– older — and perhaps a wee bit faster." Imagine that, Pietro grew older. It’s kind of cool that he decided to trash-talk a giant sentient robot, because heaven knows that giant sentient robots really get thrown off their games when you trash talk them. I’d also love to hear Allen Iverson use that sort of trash-talking in an NBA game. "I am older than when you Miami Heat last came to our arena — older — and perhaps a wee bit better jumper." That’s just classic stuff, you know! Never gets old, never gets less useful.
The art on this thing is by Rich Buckler and the great Joe Sinnott. Sinnott has always been Mr. Stability, inking Fantastic Fourfor something like ten years and continually doing a thoroughly professional and positive job of it. Here, he takes an obviously raw Rich Buckler and does a great job of making Riotous Rich’s work look professional. Yeah, Sinnott was always a pro.
Oh, and the Scarlet Witch is wearing a different costume in this issue, one I’ve never seen before. Anyone know if this was a temporary thing, or if she was just captured in a short dress and mid-calf boots? It’s not a bad suit, but it’s not the usual suit she wears, which was shown on the cover.
Oh yeah, and the cover was from the era where every comic had word balloons. This one is a funny one.
Wanda: No! Stay back! You won’t destroy the Avengers — unless you first kill the Scarlet Witch!
Hawkeye: Lady — I think you just said the magic words!
Now wtf does that mean? "Kill me before you kill my friends"? "Yeah, kill her first"? Maybe this cover is why she went crazy in House of M.

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