Detective Comics #329 (1964)

Man oh man oh man, what do I do when someone has already written the definitive post about a comic I plan on reviewing? Especially when the man is Fred Hembeck, patron saint of comic book geekiness? I think the protocol is to just link to it and add a few comments.
Okay, the comments, then. Go read Hembeck’s piece and then come back here (please come back here! I know I’m not as passionate a writer as Fred, but we’re both obsessed by comics!) It’s striking how bad Infantino was in the main story at keeping track on his characters’ proportions. People talk about Rob Liefeld’s rather creative ways of depicting characters on the printed page, but Batman and Robin look eight feet tall in one panel, four feet tall in another. It’s kind of a cool touch, actually, because it adds to the drama of the issue, but it’s damned weird.
On the other hand, Infantino inks himself in the backup, and the artwork is just gorgeous, light and bright with just a touch of sketchiness. Wonderful.
It’s also odd how blah this story feels now, and how interesting it probably was at the time. This was just the third issue of the "new look" Batman, where editor Julius Schwartz added the yellow circle around Batman’s logo and tried to get the character into more realistic stories than "Captives of the Alien Zoo" (which was in issue 326). The problem is that, 42 years later, so much has been done with the Caped Crusader that this change looses all of its excitement. He simply isn’t the dark creature we’re so used to (that would come several years later under the team of Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams.
It’s a neat historical curiosity for me.

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