Marvel Preview #7: Satana (1976)

Remember the Seinfeld episode "The Jimmy", which centers around a guy who plays basketball with Jerry and George and always refers to himself in the third person? "Jimmy hit a great shot, didn’t he?" and all that?
I was reading this comic and it brought that episode to mind. Instead of "Jimmy" this and "Jimmy" that, it for a long time was "Marvel" this and "Marvel" that. There were Marvel Adventure and Marvel Spectacular. Marvel Chillers and Marvel Presents launched with fill-ins in their first two issues. Marvel’s Greatest Comics continued from Marvel Collector’s Item Classics (not to be confused with Marvel Classics Comics, which had two issues written by Don McGregor). Marvel Team-Up and Marvel Two-In-One were team-up books, while Marvel Premiere, Marvel Spotlight (two series), Marvel Preview and Marvel Fanfare were anthology comics of one sort or another. There were Mighty Marvel Western and Special Marvel Edition, Marvel Double Feature and Marvel Triple Action (never understood how it was triple the action), which became Marvel Super Action. Not to mention Marvel Super-Heroes (logical title for the whole line) and the venerable Marvel Tales, which resurrected its title from a horror comic.
So which witch is which? How can you tell your Marvel Fanfare from your Marvel Spectacular? To me, this is the perfect test of true geek knowledge. To not only be able to remember these titles but know what appeared in them is one of those tests that only those who really care about this minutia can pass. (For the record, Marvel Fanfare was an ’80s book that ran old, inventory stories as well as a few cool one-offs, while Marvel Spectacular was Thor reprints).
And Marvel Preview was a black-and-white anthology comic that presented various stories. The second issue featured the first solo appearance of the Punisher, while the 4th introduced Starlord for the first of five appearances, and other issues included a two-part Sherlock Holmes story and another adapted the classic novel Gladiator.
And some issues were like this one, fill-ins that presented inventory stories from Marvel’s archives. Satana was the Devil’s daughter, but she always felt redundant. We already had the Son of Satan and Lilith, Dracula’s Daughter (in a series written by Steve Gerber), so there just didn’t seem to be a niche for Satan’s baby girl. Under the hands of Chris Claremont (just as the X-Men were getting started) and artist Vincente Alcazar, there’s nothing at all memorable about this comic. it’s competent, and the artwork has an exotic feel to it, but in the end it’s just another blah ’70s Marvel book.
Has this character ever been brought back? Does Satana still stalk the mean streets of New York City, possessing unknowing women? Or, damn it, is that Lilith who possesses? What was Satana’s schtick? I have the comic sitting next to me and I don’t even know…

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