Tales of the Zombie #7 (1974)

What a disappointment this one was. This issue of Tales of the Zombie is one of the final comics written by Steve Gerber that I haven’t collected. I’ve talked about Gerber on this blog a lot in the past, how I love his writing, how I find him to be a wonderful master at the existential art of creating intelligent comics about walking bog beasts and living zombies.
Unfortunately, this issue has only two pages by Gerber. As was so often the case in Marvel’s color comics at the time, this issue was a fill-in, written by Doug Moench. Moench would become a terrific comics writer, but he was never Gerber. Nobody was. And Moench’s Sherlock Holmes-like tale of killings for money totally lacks the existential spark that Gerber brought this series. Perish the thought, but this story felt ordinary, typical, nothing special.
Kinda like this blog post, I guess…

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