Comet Tales #16 (2005)

Sometimes I feel like I live in a parallel universe by being a longtime member (often lapsed) of comics fandom. Fandom has its own legends, only some of whom move into professional comics work. For every Roy Thomas, Jerry Ordway, Jim Starlin or Mitch O’Connell, who went from fandom to professional comics work, there are dozens more who happily keep their hand in fan work while working a real day job.
Jim Pack and Tim Corrigan are two such fans. Jim has been putting out his wonderful zine Comet Tales for several years now, after a long lapse in work. Meanwhile, Tim is a fan who was ridiculously prolific for quite a few years and has only recently resurfaced in fandom. It was a treat to see this zine arrive in the mail and find a new Pack/Corrigan story.
"Interview with a Martian Cat", their new collaboration, is a fun little time paradox yarn, with some clever twists (it’s fun how Pack shows that money changes everything) and some charming art. These guys aren’t pros, but that somehow makes the story more fun and refreshing. These creators are doing what they want, and are having a hell of a good time as they do that.
The zine is only a dollar, and Jim will put you on a lifetime`subscription list if you send the buck.
Jim Pack
787 Bay Harbor
Maineville OH 45039

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