Blip #1 (1998)

I ordered this comic from some oddball online site after reading that Dave Sim, famous for his work on Cerebus, had done a story in it. It turns out that it wasn’t much of a story, just a two-page jam with an artist named Michael Cohen, but it’s always fun to see something different from Sim. And it has some typically odd Sim-isms in it: "We haven’t got the time you fool! I am Carl Jung – and Joseph Campbell – and Robert Graves – and a thousand others. I’m the eternal moron!"
Behind this brief tale is an anthology of some of the top independent comics of 1998. There’s short pieces featuring "Thieves & Kings," "Strange Attractors" and "Finder" as well as some more obscure series like "The Furies" and "Darklight". As such, it’s a really frustrating comic. Each of the featured tales showcases a unique and quirky comic, and therefore it’s really hard to get a feel for each book in just four or five pages.
Take Teri Wood’s "Darklight" preview as an example. It’s one of the best stories in the book, doing a nice job of introducing an odd lead charracter with humor and charm, but it’s over so quickly that it makes a reader dizzy. Wood does draw a good cat, though.
So: nice little anothology, but nothing worth seeking out unless you’re an obsessive Sim completist.

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