Quantum: Rock of Ages #1 (2003)

"Imagine a world. For now, we’ll call it Earth. This earth, however, is a twin to the place that we call home. Although very similar, the coin-toss that is history simply landed on a different side. Now, imagine this world, where the Second World War was won by Nazi Germany. And a triumphant Adolf Hitler gave birth to a son, who eventually became the heir to the führer’s legacy. A world where dark science has thrived, and the new führer seeks to use it as a means to alter history itself. Not simply for this Earth, but for its sibling Earths, too. Presently, Frederich Stoltz, one of the reich’s leading scientists, has made an awesome discovery."
This is the story of Nick Vargas, a guy who works as a record shop clerk, who one day somehow becomes unstuck in our dimension. He finds himself wandering to different dimensions in space: one where he’s a rock star (like most guys at music shops, he’s a frustrated musician), another where he’s handicapped and a star, anothers where, as you might guess, the Nazis won World War II. It’s all very headspinning and confusing for Nick, and seems to be leading to bigger and better things.
This is part one of a twelve-part series from writer Philip Clark and artist Ozzy Longoria. It’s an intriguiing beginning. Readers have just enough information to know that odd things are happening, but nowhere near enough to have an idea of how or why (though the one-page hero profile at the end gives some hints). Longoria’s art is serviceable enough for a self-published b&w comic (with a color cover); he’s good at page layouts, but his figures are as awkward as you might expect.
I guess there’s six issues of this out so far. I’m looking forward to finding the rest.

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  1. Unknown Says:

    Hey Jason,Thanks for the mention. I\’m sending you the rest of the books this weekend. Let me know what you think.Best,Philip

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