10,000 hits!

My blog just passed its 10,000th hit this morning. Pretty cool. I had vague dreams of becoming the most popular comics-related blog on the web, but yeah right as if people would rather read my reviews of comics from 1974 instead of the latest news and gossip. Instead, I just decided to write about whatever popped to mind on the evening I was going to be blogging. That strategy’s worked pretty well for me. I mean, this blog was mostly intended to be a place for me to spout off on whatever popped to my mind, and allow me to just have fun and write about comics.
Actually, writing in this blog has exceeded my expectations. I’ve found that I’ve become much better at articulating how I feel about comics, better at articulating abstract and complex thoughts in a generally coherent manner. That, in turn, has spilled over to my professional life. It’s true what they say: writing is like a muscle, and the more time you spend exercising that muscle, the stronger it gets. My work related writing is clearer, and I find I’m much better at constructing coherent arguments about abstract subjects.
Thanks to all of you who have been reading my blog over the last eight or ten months. I hope you have fun with this blog, maybe get exposed to some obscure thing that you find interesting, and had some fun, too.

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