The Losers #32 (2006)

Last night I sat down and read a long run of this series. In doing so, I realized just how good it was. The Losers was a fun comic focusing on a group of characters, thought dead by the government, who spend much of their time trying to track down a nasty SOB called Max, who’s the CIA operative behind a whole bunch of evil covert actions. The 32 issues of this series detail the team basically following Max in circles, trying to track him down while he tries to kill all of them.
Of course, in this final issue the team goes out with a literal bang. There’s impossible odds and an atom bomb; there are impossible escapes and fates that can’t be escaped. And there’s a hilarious last page, funny out of context and perfect in the context of what had come in the previous 32 issues.
The series had a nice mix of action and humor. These are mercenaries, after all, who carry guns and kill the evil bastards who are after them. There are some amazingly violent scenes in this comic. Interestingly, many of those scenes are also howlingly funny as well.
Artist Jock (no last name) is a wonderful stylist. His cover art alone is just spectacular. The man was a master at creating fascinating images. If you get a chance, look his cover work up on the web. You’ll be happy you did.
I didn’t follow this series very closely – I could always count on finding issues of it in quarter bins at cons, so I never spent full price on it. In some ways, then, I was responsible for this wonderful comic dying. So writer Andy Diggle, I’m sorry. Artist Jock, I apologize. I was a leech, a silent reader from the secondary market. But I did like your work.

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