Barney & Betty Rubble #10 (1974)

"Flintstones, read the Flintstones…"
You know, I was actually kind of surprised by how much I enjoyed this little comic. Sure it’s aimed at kiddies, but the eight stories are actually kind of fun. In one story, Barney gets a glider by saving up cereal box lids. I think that story’s an actual swipe on an episode, but I’m not sure. There’s a story that parodies Ewel Gibbins (sp?), a granola-crunching TV pitchman who was on TV all the time in the ’70s. I have a very vague memory of him, and no strong impulse to look him up, but isn’t it kind of cool to have an anachronistic reference in a comic that’s all about anachronism? And there’s a piece that compares modern art to a pizza – when’s the last time anyone in the mass media culture even bothered thinking about modern art?
This was a throw-in on an eBay action if memory serves. I think it was for an issue of Hanna Barbera TV Stars that has a story by Steve Gerber. But for something I got basically for free, I really liked this comic.

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