Bomb Queen #1 (2006)

This is a really funny comic book. Turning the traditional Comics Code virtues on their head, Jimmie Robinson creates a world where the villain wins. Bomb Queen is an evil bitch with a ridiculous costume and a passion for blowing things up. Driven by her passions, Bomb Queen ends up being in charge of a large area of a New Port City, and turns the city into a lawless zone where anything goes. The mayor is on the take, guns are feely available, and underage kids are imported as sex slaves. TV shows are even hosted by naked women, and shows like "Crime Survivor" combine reality TV with a cruel, hard world. In the end, a hero is brought in to attack Bomb Queen, but who knows how it all will end?
This is a gleefully depraved series. From the title page, with its close-up of Bomb Queen’s bustline, to the text page in the back, where Robinson explains that he’s having fun exploring his bizarre new world, this comic is a joyful journey into the dark side. It’s a wonderful satire of the power of super-villains in comics, and of the de-sexualized nature of characters who dress and act in very sexualized ways. When Bomb Queen takes a bath, Robinson does a funny take-off of the comics cliché of hiding the characters’ genitalia. Here Bomb Queen’s naught bits are hidden by a wine class, her hand, and some bubbles. Meanwhile, naked people are all over the TVs she watches. Of course Bomb Girl has to be covered – she’s the main character in a comic book story. She can’t be seen naked. But the characters on TV are unimportant, so their nudity follows different rules.
Bomb Queen is shown as a tremendously charismatic character. Despite her penchant for murder, she has enormous personal magnetism and energy. Readers believe she could be in charge of a major city because she seems to have the enormous vitality necessary to do such a job. As such, she presents a challenge for the readers. It’s hard to resist lines like "I rule New Port City. The villain, get it? I don’t make the trains run on time. I kill people who make them run slow." What a great laugh line! What a powerful character! What a frightening person she would be!
This is not a comic for the morality police to find. It’s pretty depraved from cover to cover. But for comic readers who’ve craved to see the effects of a villain’s immorality writ large, and a clever satire of comics clichés. If you’re not sensitive, Jimmie Robinson’s Bomb Girl is a real treat.

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