Amazing Heroes #167 (1989)

For a period of about two years, I was a writer for Amazing Heroes, which was for a time a biweekly magazine about comics. When I joined the magazine, shortly after this issue, it had just slipped into monthly status, which made a lot more sense. I mean, this issue sitting next to me on the dining room table weighs in at 106 pages, almost all of which is lovingly put together with great care and professionalism. That’s amazing to me. With 24 issues coming out per year, it would have been easy for the husband and wife team of Chris and Lynette McCubbin to slack off and produce a magazine that didn’t meet the standards of professionalism. But this was a very professional magazine: nicely laid out, with few or no typos, diverse content and good articles. And a great cover by Kevin Nowlan.
This was a news-articles-review sort of zine, and it’s always fun to see what was big at the time. The big news article was that Rick Veitch, off Swamp Thing for just a short time, was starting his own line of comics. Not a big deal now, but at the time Veitch was a very controversial creator.
The big comics that were listed in the checklist were:
  • Grant Morrison’s Animal Man and Doom Patrol
  • Sandman #8 by Neil Gaiman
  • Sinner, a greatly acclaimed graphic novel series publshed by Fantagraphics
  • Todd McFarlane on Amazing Spider-Man
  • a comic called Futurama that has nothing to do with Fry, Bender or Dr. Zoidberg

And featured reviews were of a mediocre X-Men Annual, an awful Rock ‘n’ Roll Comics and a great Little Nemo in Slumberland collection. Actually, it’s surprising how few comics reviewed in this issue I even remember. Mai the Psychic Girl is the only comic from that review list that I remember enjoying at that time, and it’s been years since I looked at that one.

But hey, six or so issues later, my mediocre reviews joined this gang. And a year or so after that, some of the reviewers I got to join up were part of the review gang.


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