Mage: the Hero Discovered #3 (1984)

Man, I love this comic! When I discovered Mage: the Hero Discovered, I was in college. I felt I could identify with lead character Kevin Matchstick. Not because I had royal blood or a group of friends including a woman who drives an Edsel and carries a magic baseball bat, but because the story has real resonance. Kevin Matchstick is an ordinary man, to whom odd and amazing things happen to him. Soon, he’s in the middle of a mystic battle, and discovers his true destiny.
Why wouldn’t want that to happen to them? Who, especially in their early 20s, didn’t want to become someone special, to transcend whatever upbringing he had in order to become great?
Plus there’s some nice art in these stories, and stuff like that, too.
And magic is still green.

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