Seven Soldiers #0 (2005)

Well, the Seven Soldiers of Victory mini-series are winding down now. There are only four issues left of the sprawling series of seven mini-series and two bookend specials. With the series almost complete, this seems like a good time to look back at Seven Soldiers #0 and see how it reads.
Not surprisingly, it reads pretty damn well. Each of the minis, written by Grant Morrison, have had their own unique vibe, and this standalone has its own feel to it. Seven second-rate superheroes are gathered to fight evil. They almost seem to be winning until the evil they fight proves to be much more nasty than they had imagined. It’s mostly light super-hero action, different from most of the minis. It’s a nice post-modern take on the idea of heroes, with them being treated as drinking, sexually active jackasses who actually kind of think themselves cool. The issue succeeds on precisely those terms – it’s exciting pulp action, drawn spectacularly well by J.H. Williams.
The one thing that did surprise me was that there was very little crossover with the miniseries. Aside from references to Solomon Grundy, I missed any other references to the minis.I guess it’s appropriate that, like the minis, this comic stands on its own quite nicely.
I guess I’d hoped that I would have had more to say about this issue, but I don’t. It’s fun pulpy po-mo super-hero Grant Morrison goodness.

One Response to “Seven Soldiers #0 (2005)”

  1. Scott Says:

    I just reread this one myself and it made a lot more sense than it did when I first read it. The leader does make a reference to a "Johnny Frankenstein" that he used to ride with, but I don\’t know if that is supposed to be the same as the one currently being serialized or not. I didn\’t even know that there used to be an old Seven Soldiers series until DC released an Archives for it.

    In any case, I am really enjoying this exercise in trademark renewal as opposed to Infinite Crisis.

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