Forever People #6 (1972)

I haven’t reviewed many Jack Kirby comics in this blog so far. Part of it is because his comics are so mainstream that they don’t quite fit the quirky nature of this blog. But more than that, I generally try to stay away from people who are nicknamed "the King", because it’s really dang hard to come up with a fresh take on anyone called "the King." Most Kings have big followings, great lovers of their work or teachings, and one misstep will bring wrath down upon the writer.
But I was in a Kirby sort of mood, so I picked up a middle issue of one of his famous Fourth World titles, Forever People. FP was one of four books in the line, and maybe the most obscure of the group. Where New Gods was epic, Mister Miracle was spectacular and Jimmy Olson wonky as heck, Forever People had a slightly different vibe. Good, but different.
The Forever People were hippies in a time when hippies were a normal thing. They were the rebels of New Genesis, the bohemian drop-outs, forced into a war with the evil Darkseid due to Darkseid’s overwhelming evilness rather than their wish to fight a bad guy.
And Darkseid really is evil literally a force for evil and destruction. What’s striking in this story is that Darkseid looks a little different than he looks now. Lately Darkseid is usually shown as enormous, at least seven feet tall, with a rocky visage and and black eyes that glow with dark evil. In this book, though, he appears a it short, more like six feet, with a more normal face and with eyes from which evil literally flows.
In this comic, Darkseid’s minions have taken over a Disneyland sort of place, while the Forever People try to save it and all of Earth. It’s a decent enough story, but it really only kicks into gear when Darkseid finally appears and attackes the FP. Finally the story gains in drama as Darkseid gets rid of the kids as easily as you or I would swat a fly. Not only is Darkseid the embodiment of evil, but he’s amazingly powerful. He causes our protagonists no end of fear and agony as he attacks them. Tall or not, that’s the Darkseid we all know.

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