Super Bowl prediction: Seahawks 35 Steelers 14

I moved to Seattle in 1989. I’ve gotten married here, had friends here, had three children in Seattle, have lived and worked on this city for over 16 years. I’ve also followed our sports teams over the years, and I can at times be called a home-team fan. I was among the few who believed the Super Sonics could beat Michael Jordan’s 72-win Bills, and I predicted for several years in a row that the Mariners would win the world series. So you might say that my Super Bowl pick is also a homer pick. After all, I’ve been watching this team since Kelly Stauffer was its starting quarterback. But you’re wrong. I’ve watched every game played by this years’s Seattle Seahawks, and I can tell you one thing for sure.
People have no idea just how good the Seattle Seahawks are.
This is a great team. It’s no accident they only lost three games this year. It’s no accident they were the #1 seed in the NFC. They have the league’s highest scoring offence, a balanced juggernaut that’s loaded in just the right ways. The team has the NFL MVP in Shaun Alexander, but it also has a tremendously underrated quarterback in Matt Hasselbeck. When Alexander went out of the playoff game against the Redskins with a conscussion, Hasselbeck took command of the offense, calling many of his own plays in leading the team to a very convincing victory. Their wide receiver corps is deep – when top WR Darrell Jackson went out early in the year with an injury, the corps actually got better, as Joe Jerevicious, Bobby Engram and the rest of the gang got more reps. Then when Jackson returned, they went into an even higher gear. And anchoring the offense is perhaps the best offensive line in football, anchored by perennial Pro Bowlers Steve Hutchinson and Walter Jones. They’re incredible run blockers and also outstanding at protecting the quarterback.
On defense, they’re solid, great at keeping teams from scoring, and opportunistic when it comes to turnovers.
So yeah, I know I’m way outside the mainstream with my pick. I’ll post again tomorrow to either gloat or eat crow. But I firmly believe that this Seahawks team is special. It will be a worthy Super Bowl champion. Professional analysts be damned.

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