All-Star Superman #2 (2006)

Sorry, Mark Waid. Too bad, Mark Millar. It was fun, Frank Miller. Nice try, Warren Ellis. But it’s true. You’re all in second place. Because there’s nobody in comics today who writes comics like Grant Morrison.

I know it’s not news that Morrison is good, really good, really goddam great in fact, but he is. There’s just something magical about the way that Morrison thinks about his stories, the way he creates his plots, his nice character bits, the wonderful details he throws in to his stories. Morrison’s stories have a tremendous sense of energy and thoughtfulness, where the unexpected seems both fresh and ordinary at the same time. In this comic, Morrison brings readers miniature dwarf suns, dinner aboard the Titanic, Supermen of the future, and other cool touches, and it all seems interesting and cool and clever and true to the character all at the same time.

Frank Quitely is a wonderful artistic partner to Morrison, bringing freshness to the familiar while being true to the underlying concepts. The desolation of his Arctic landscape on pages two and three is gorgeous, while his Lois Lane is wonderfully human.

This has all the makings of something really classic.


2 Responses to “All-Star Superman #2 (2006)”

  1. robin Says:

    hey , you posted a really nasty remark on my blog and i truely think you need a hobby.  I have removed it.  Do you speak to you mother with the words you used on my blog?  If so i feel sad for people that just have nothing better to do then go and say mean words to people for fun.  Means there only happiness in life is that and for that i feel sad for you.
    take care…

  2. Jason Says:

    Huh? i\’ve never even been to your blog…

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