X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl #1 (2006)

I really miss X-Statix. It was such a wonderfully clever take on superheroes. The characters were as much commentaries on the power of clichés in the comics medium as they were three-dimensional characters, and the series did a wonderful job of balancing humorous satire with clever characterization. Under writer Peter Milligan and artist Mike Allred, the series was a clever and insightful view of heroes as they might appear in the real world. The mix of humor and horror, teen angst and post-modern satire was a giddy thrill.

Now X-Statix is back in the form of this new mini-series. X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl #1 is a wonderful return of the series that I missed so much. It’s funny and clever and features wonderful art by Allred. In it, we meet some dead characters – Mysterio and Kraven from Spider-Man, the ’40s heroine Miss America, the Living Mummy and Tike from the X-Statix as they return to life for 24 hours. Filled with hatred for the living world, the group attacks the United Nations. We also get Milligan’s take on Doctor Strange, who seems to be having some major psychological problems, as well as some complicated dietary issues.

The whole thing is a major kick in the pants. I loved seeing Allred and Milligan working together again, and – on the last page – there was Allred’s take on Gwen Stacy.

No deep insights in this review, I’m afraid. I loved it and it made me smile alot.


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