Kid Colt Outlaw #119 (1964)

The Marvel western comics always seemed a bit strange to me. While Marvel was busy publishing their big-time super-hero titles, they also had a line of western characters for many, many years. There were Rawhide Kid, Two-Gun Kid and Kid Colt Outlaw but nobody ever talks about them. I tried doing a web search for the books and nobody has posted much about them. Based on this particular issue, they weren’t too bad, or at least no worse than the stories that came out around the same time.
In this issue, Kid Colt, who’s an outlaw but is actually a good guy who was framed for a murder he didn’t commit, tries to save a young man named Bassett from a life of crime. He succeeds and that’s nice, and there are a few scenes where characters fire their guns but never kill each other. It’s no worse than the comics where Thor or Iron Man fight the commies – just plain old nice comics, with nice, clear and simple art by Jack Keller.
Maybe that’s why nobody talks about these comics: they’re nice enough, but nothing too special.
Slightly more special is the little five-page back-up "Unarmed" by Lee and Kirby. It’s a simple little yarn about a sherrif who gives up his guns. The highlight of the story for me is how well Kirby draws the bad guy. Few artists drew ugly men as well as the King, and this issue’s villain is quite ugly, with an angry face and scraggly beard. Of course our hero and his wife are quite attractive, so the ending of the story is telegraphed a bit by their appearances, but Jack still did great work with presenting a nice little story.

One Response to “Kid Colt Outlaw #119 (1964)”

  1. Scott Says:

    That "Unarmed" story sounds an awful lot like a short story that Richard Matheson wrote once, although the Kid Colt story probably came first.

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