Millie the Model #132 (1965)

This comic is a real kick! Apparently Millie was a model with the Hanover Model Agency, along with her friends Chili, Agnes and Toni. Suddenly the handsome Mr. Hanover decides to close the agency and wander the world, forcing Millie and her friends to work somewhere else. They all have their little mini-adventures, but in the end, like a TV sitcom, things get back to the way they were.
This comic really does read like a TV sitcom or maybe one of those silly ’60s or ’70s Saturday morning cartoons. The plot is cute and moves along nicely. It’s predictable and not outrageous but it’s solid entertainment.
The real kick in this book is the hair and clothing styles that readers sent in for the character’s outfits – "Flipped & furled – Chili’s ‘do’ by Alberta Midgett; Salvo, N.C." and "a frock of fresh fashion for Millie by Marry Ritter, Scarborough, Ont." Honestly, to me these outfits look horrible, but then again this is 40-year old stuff created by young girls.
I wonder how many of the girls mentioned here are real. There’s at least two dozen suggested hairstyles and fashions in this comic. Are those girls real, or did Marvel make them up? Millie was a long-running comic at that time, and there were several spin-offs from it, so my gut tells me they’re real. If they are real, I wonder how many women look back on these fashion submissions with nostalgia. As a guy, it’s hard to relate to creating fashions to send to a comics company, but then again, fashions are more real-world than super-hero action.
This is a cute little comic. If I can find more issues for a dollar, as I did this one, I’ll definitely pick it up. 

One Response to “Millie the Model #132 (1965)”

  1. Ken Says:

    I’m a 56 year old woman and was a big fan of Millie the Model comics in the late ’50’s & early ’60’s. In fact, in an oblique way, she changed my life. My career has, at various stages, immersed me in the world of dance, of theatre, and now I’m embarking on a career in writing. I happened to come across this blog entry while doing a bit of research for a short fiction piece I’ve just completed, which takes as it’s starting point my infatuation with Millie and what she represented in my life as a child.
    I’ve never before replied to a blog – this is a first – and I haven’t a clue whether to click permalink or trackbacks. Perhaps I’ll try both. Here goes.
    S. Fenner

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