Marvel’s Space Born Superhero! Captain Marvel #2 (1968)

That’s the official title. Marvel’s Space Born Superhero! Captain Marvel complete with exclamation mark and everything. What I want to know is why this was special in 1968. Was Cap really unique as being space-born in the Marvel Universe? I know Superman was born in space, well more strictly speaking on Krypton, and that brings up another question. Was Cap born on a space-ship or something? Embarassingly, I know he’s Kree,and that the Kree have a homeworld. If he was born there, is he really space-born or really just Kree-born? If being born on Kree means he was born in space, then does being born on Earth mean that we’re born in space? If I was a superhero being published by the Kree planet’s Marvel Comics, would I be Marvel’s Space Born Superhero! Obsessed with Comics Guy?
I would love to be a comics hero if only I could be drawn by Gene Colan because his art on this comic is just magnificent. Even inked by Vince Colletta, who was famous for erasing backgrounds and obscuring details with the goal of getting as much work done as quickly as possible, Colan’s art shines through with its wonderfully humanistic style. Just look at this page. Nothing really happens on this page, but Colan still gives readers a nice look at the character and adds some drama to the scene.
It’s a good thing Colan does the art, because the character is quite dreadful. As I mentioned the other day, in the mid-’70s, Captain Marvel was a big, bold, cosmic strip when written and illustrated by Jim Starlin. But as written by Roy Thomas… well, just look at all the damn words on that page. In other issues it’s worse. The dude just Won‘t. Shut. Up. Ever. Maybe it’s because he’s a Space Born Superhero! but the dude talks like he has an invisible friend or something.
Plus he has maybe the ugliest costume ever. Just look at that ghastly thing. Green and white? Was he a New York Jets fan? And what was with the centurian helmet and the giant Saturn on his chest? Who designed this monstrosity? Even drawn by Gene the Dean, it was putrid.
Maybe that look is nice in space, but for this Marvel’s Space Born Superhero! Obsessed with Comics Guy, it’s bad… very, very bad.

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