Whoo hoo! More comics

After attending vanpool driver training today, I awarded myself by going to a small comics and cards show at Totem Lake Mall this weekend. Unfortunately, there were far more cards than there were comics, but my pals John and Randy, happy purveyors of low-grade Silver and Bronze comics, were there. I picked up 26 comics for $50. Not too damn bad at all. Best of all, all the comics are perfect blog fodder. Here’s quickies about what I picked up:
Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #8: Awful cover, stupid story inside, looks glorious.
Millie the Model #132: I’ve never owned any issues of this classic Marvel romance series, looking forward to having fun with it.
My Own Romance #49: Silly romance stuff. This comic has the largest comics code stamp I’ve ever seen.
Marvel Super-Heroes #17: the Black Knight solo, with a gorgeous John Buscema cover
Marvel Super-Heroes #15: Gene Colan art, baby! Doesn’t get much better than that!
Marvel Spotlight #32: first Spider-Woman for only $3.
Marvel Chillers #1,2: Really awful Marvel crap, starring Modred the Mystic, a fifth-rate mystic hero. Love it!
Marvel Spotlight #1: first appearance of Red Wolf. Talk about fifth-raters!
Kid Colt Outlaw #119, 124, 127: Low expectations, but they were a buch apiece.
Adventure into Fear with the man called Morbius — the Living Vampire #25, 30: Awesomely long title, huh?
Astonishing Tales #27 with Deathlok the Demolisher. I have fond memories of Deathlok, wonder if it’s any good.
Astonishing Tales #24 with It! the Living Colossus. A giant rock monster fighting a giant lizard monster. Comics are so great.
Beware the Claws of the Cat #4: Beware those claws! Beware!
Captain Marvel #22: Marvel art by famed Superman artist Wayne Boring. Could be surreal.
Giant-Size Werewolf #2: the Werewolf vs. Frankenstein’s Monster! ‘Nuff said
Marvel Super-Heroes #13, Captain Marvel #2: The character was utter crap in those days, but more Gene Colan art!
War is Hell #14, 15: Another series I have fond memories of.
Apache Kid #3: Atlas era western. pre-code stuff, cool.
Super-Villain Team-Up #2,3: More bronze age crap.
Can’t wait to blog on this stuff!

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