Resolutions for 2006

Here are my resolutions for this blog in 2006.

  1. I resolve to do as much as I can over the next year to writing about and getting you to think about odd comics from the past.
  2. I resolve to seek out, even if they’re in my voluminous back issue stacks, odd comics that are kinda cool, especially since they’re so oddball.
  3. I resolve to not recycle my posts from too much. Okay, I’m a lazy guy but I’ll try to post new stuff as much as I can, even when I’m in spec hell at work or just feeling like I want to lay around feeling lazy. That means fewer reviews of new comics
  4. I resolve to post about Doctor Who, even if Craig and I are the only ones who care about the Doctor.
  5. I resolve to post more than once a week before 10:00 at night.

Overall I have to say it’s been fun writing this blog over the last eight or nine months. I think I’ve become a better writer in doing so. It’s also affected my collecting. I’ve become much more a fan of the obscure oddball comics, especially from the 1970s. It always amazes me how cool some of this obscure crap is. For a hated and mocked artform, comics have been beloved for a long time by a lot of people.


Can you do me a favor, dear reader, and post comments letting me know what you want to read on my blog? I’m curious what you find interesting.


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