Infinite Crisis #3 (2005)

Okay, so there are about 327 different reviews of IC #3 out there on the Internet, so I might as well add to the general buzz about it with my usual insightful review. Ready for the great insight? I liked it.

I liked the battle for Atlantis, and I even like that most of the story is continued in this month’s Aquaman – that’s cool epic action stuff. I liked the Amazons and their Purple Death Ray – that’s just wacky fun superhero crap. I liked the Earth-2 Superman visiting Batman and somehow trying to persuade Bruce that things would be better if he was dead or something – that was just crazy stupid comics logic. I liked the Earth-1 Superman saving a building in a way that completely violates the laws of physics – again, wacky comics stuff. I liked Luthor vs. Luthor and that crazy tower with the Anti-Monitor and the evil Alex Luthor.

Fun comic. I liked it. Now go read the other 326 reviews out there on the ‘net.


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