Man-Bat #1 (1975)

Steve Ditko is one of the most distinctive artists in comics history. He’s best known as the creator or co-creator of Spider-Man (accounts and interpretations of history vary on this point)and had his hand in many classic comics. I thought that Ditko had never drawn Batman, though, until im picked up a beat-up copy of this comic.
Man-Bat #1, logically enough, guest-stars Batman, and the issue is drawn by Ditko and inked by Al Milgrom. Ditko’s Batman is very intriguing: dark and mysterious, with his face always hidden in shadow, a truly mysterious creature who seems unknowable. It’s a different interpretation than that of almost any other artist. The color that best describes Ditko’s Batman is black. Black in silhouette, black in the shadows, black even in the light. He’s a frightening man, a man who has secrets and does things for his own reasons. It’s a wonderful interpretation, as innovative and interesting as you might expect from this great cartoonist.
The story? Written by Gerry Conway, it’s incoherent crap that demands knowledge of obscure continuity that no person with half a brain in their head would care about.
But wow, that art!

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