The new Doctor Who: the Christmas Invasion (2005)

Tonight I had the pleasure of watching the new Doctor Who special, broadcast by CBC, and I have to say I loved it. So much of what I enjoyed about the revival of the series was on display in this episode, and as expected it still had a wonderful sort of nostalgia for the original series.
First and foremost, the new Doctor, David Tennant, is wonderful. From the moment he steps on screen and speaks, he seems to command things, in a way that the Eccleston Doctor didn’t. As he appears, the new Doctor makes a wonderful speech about how he doesn’t know what his personality will be like yet – a common problem when he regenerates – and then quickly shows his true nature. This Doctor is a man of action, a man not afraid of confrontation or battle, a man who’s capable of deep anger and vindictiveness. In short, he seems a man of great passionate emotions.
Of course, the Doctor being the Doctor, his greatest passion is helping his beloved Earth, and we get that plenty in this episode. Earth is under attack by a group of nasty aliens who have discovered a British space probe, found the drops of blood included there as information about people, and come up with a nasty scheme for conquering the Earth. Things seem in dire straits, especially since the Doctor’s latest regeneration has, as it often did in the past, knocked him unconscious and vulnerable.
I’ve recently watched Jon Pertwee’s regeneration episode, "Spearhead from Space," and it’s wonderful to see how much this episode is a tip of the hat to that one. Not only does the Doctor act much like he did 30 years ago, but UNIT is involved, and the Doctor by the end shows that he’s his own man.
Harriet Jones, the MP from the Slitheen episodes is back, and she’s gotten a terrific promotion – though there’s a wonderful twist to that as well. We also see Rose’s family, Mickey and her mom, which is only appropriate for Christmas.
Viewers also got previews (also available online) of next season’s episodes, which will include the return of K9 and Sarah Jane, as well as redesigned Cybermen – and the Doctor and Rose kiss!
There are some flaws in the episode, but the wonderful introduction of the new Doctor offsets them. I can’t wait to see more of him.

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