The Thing #1 (2005)

Dan Stott is one of my new favorite writers. I love the way he’s reinvented She-Hulk, and he’s now taking on the relaunch of the Thing’s new series. The thing that makes Stott so wonderful is that he loves to add humor to stories. Not the lame sort of humor that comes from clever wisecracks from Spider-Man’s mouth, but rather the kind of humor that grows out of the absurdity of the Marvel Universe,
For instance, Ben Grimm has suddenly become super-rich, so what happens when he gets together with his pal Goliath to fight a lame, second-rate villain? Goliath and the Thing defeat the bad guy easily, but the villain threatens whiplash and Goliath hits Ben up for a research grant. Or Ben going to a party, but not some small neighborhood party, No, it’s a soiree in the Hamptons with Martha Stewart (which also prompts a damn clever line – "she’s not a real criminal. She’s a white-collar criminal. That’s completely different").
There’s drama and mystery too. Does Ben’s old girlfriend Alicia carry a torch for Ben? And why is the Constrictor, an old Iron Man villain, at the Martha Stewart party?
Like many comics with humorous elements, it begins to fall apart the more you look at it. How did the bad guys sneak into the party without being detected? And why does Ben have such a lack of self-confidence when he’s obviously a star?
Still, this is a damn entertaining comic. Andrea DiVoto has a light touch with the art, and gives the whole series a light and fun feel. I’m looking forward to spending more time with the ever-lovin’ blue eyed Thing.

One Response to “The Thing #1 (2005)”

  1. Ariel Says:

    Hey, I happen to be very fond of Spiderman\’s lame wisecracks. Even when he is getting killed by Morlun last issue, he\’s making them. I think it\’s what was missing in the Spiderman movies and one of the reasons I didn\’t like them as much as everyone else, Spidey wasn\’t himself

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