The Brave and the Bold #57: Metamorpho (1964)

They just don’t make ’em like this anymore. Rex Mason is a freelance adventurer who makes a living doing exotic things like discover rare gems and finding rare shrinking potions. He’s got a streak of white in his hair and a whole lot of testosterone in his body. He’s also in love with a beautiful babe called Sapphire Steel, who’s a millionairess and drives fancy sports cars. She, in turn, is the daughter of Simon Stagg, who has a love-hate sort of relationship with Mason. And has a pet leopard and also an aide de camp who’s a caveman.
Is that convoluted enough? Give it another minute.
So Mason goes on a mission from Simon Stagg, for which Stagg will pay him a million dollars. Somehow the magic rock Mason finds changes him from a man to a bizarre being, a being that can change the elements. An element man. And thus does Rex Mason, adventurer, become the misshapen Metamorpho, the Element Man.
This is one of DC’s odder concepts of the ’60s. In an era when their big characters were intensely formula-driven, comics like Metamorpho and Doom Patrol provided some unique characters and situations. This comic is a very odd cross between James Bond, romance comics and super-heroes. And it just gets odder from here!
I honestly never expected to see this comic reprinted, but DC recently realeased a 500+ page collection of the Element Man for a mere $16.99. You won’t find a more breeszily wacky comic for that kind of money.

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