Wavemakers #2 (1991)

Now THIS is what an anthology comic should be like.
Wavemakers #2 has a very spooky five-pager by Earl Geier leading off the comic. I’m sure I’ve posted before in this blog about how Geier is one of the great undiscovered talents in comics. Every story I read by him is intelligent, well-drawn and unique. Man, does this guy deseve greater recognition! Geier is the kind of guy who deserves his own Vertigo series, where he can indulge his imagination through whatever realms strike his fancy. Tragically (and I don’t use that word lightly), the guy has been stymied and we just don’t see enough of his work.
In fact, this comic is filled by work by guys with terrific imaginations but who aren’t well known. Matt Howarth, who did actually have a miniseries published by Vertigo or one of its off-shoots, here presents a nice twist-of-the-tail pieces that reflects his very unique imagination. It involves drug addiction, petty criminals and the death of a planet, all illustrated in Howart’s very unique style.
Wayno was a popular indy cartoonist for awhile; wonder what happened to him? Here he presents a nice short anecdote about a very odd guy who collects records.
Evan Dorkin is a bigger name, and he presents a great five-pager full of action and violence, and lots and lots of blacks.
There’s even a great one-pager by Harvey Pekar, so typically thoughtful and insightful.
And there’s even more great stuff in this comic from even more obscure names – Doug Potter, Jason Whitley, the team of Dave Ford, Ron Gravelle and Barry Brandon. What every story in this comic shares is a unique viewpoint, thoughtful storytelling, and passion for what they created. Anthology comics are increasingly rare, but in the right hands they’re always a treat.

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  1. Unknown Says:

    Jason, I just flipped to your page and found this writeup of our old comic, thanks so much for the comments.earl would be please to hear he has a fan in you!His story Civilized Stuff in Wavemakers 1 is one of my all time faves in terms of story and art.Matt howarths story starts in 1 and ends in 2 in case you read em out of order.I love jason Whitley\’s comic work and I wish i could find him today! If anyone knows his whereabouts, please let me know.My friend David Ford who wrote and drew a story in 1 and wrote the weird detective story in 2 passed away from a heart vattack in 1995 at age 27, this was his last printed work , he wrote an unpublished book and had lots of other multimedia work done but who knows where it went, he was hired by a local TV station just a few weeks before he died.Evan Dorkin, Harvey pekar and Matt Howarth were all very nice and supportive folks to work with.I printed comics from earl in that first anthology and I will hopefully be getting another piece from him in our next comic called Romantic Eye, out next June.talk to you later, jason.Mark Innes

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