Amazing Joy Buzzards #1 (2005)

Wow! There’s an awful lot going on in this issue of AJB! There’s spies! And race cars! And rock and roll! Fun characters! Romance! Creepy villains! A Speed Racer parody! Lots and lots and lots of stuff!!!

This is a big and bold and brassy comic book, full of wacky energy and humor and a whole slew of crazy characters. The comic never quite takes itself too seriously or too humorously; most of all, it feels oddly improvised, like when you see a good band in concert and they go off on a long riff with a great guitar solo and, before you know it, the song has gone in a whole different direction and it still sounds great.

Was that a good enough run-on sentence? This comic does that to you. It’s so packed with energy and enthusiasm and side-panel jokes and pop culture references and clever art and most of all it wants to be loved so badly that it’s really, really hard to resist.

Just try your damndest to keep up or it might give you a headache. Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy a concert when you can’t quite figure out the melody of a song, and this comic might do that to some readers. I know I had to put it down a couple of times after feeling overwhelmed. But maybe I’m getting a little old for loud concerts.


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