Alter Ego #54 (2005)

Robert Kanigher was a longtime writer and editor for DC Comics. He co-created Sgt. Rock and the Metal Men, and was a stalwart member of DC’s editorial team for over 25 years. He was also, according to all reports, pretty dang egotistical. This month’s issue of Alter Ego contains a short piece by him, and I just love the way he presents himself…

Your questions can only be answered by people whose whole lives are comics, who keep records, receipts, cassettes and ledgers in some subterranean vault electronically guarded against moisture and thieves feverishly bent on destroying their deathless work. Since I’ve never kept records or copies of my work, except for the few where I could have had immediate access to research material, you’ll know I have to rely on my memory.

As you surely must know, I was occupied with writing peotry, plays, short stories, movie treatments and scripts, radio plays, novellas, and that big book on writing, travelling, sketching obliging nudes, doing oils and water colors, skiing, fencing, making love daily, being a supporting father to my parents for 25-28 years, from chewing gum to coffins, being a husband since 1942 and a father twice. This is for public knowledge. The agony and esctacy and violence and ESP I’ve experienced is my own business.

I just love the juvenile purple prose of those two paragraphs! "As you surely must know", "feverishly bent on destroying their deathless work", "chewing gum to coffins". My god, the man must have been insufferable to work for!


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