Infinite Crisis #2 (2005)

"We saved the wrong Earth."

And with those magic words, Infinite Crisis begins to really rock and roll. Finally all the darkness and chaos of the DCU of the last 20 years is put into perspective. Finally the thoughts that so many of use readers have had are coming true. Finally there’s light at the end of what literally has been a dark tunnel. We can see the end of the grim ‘n’ gritty Batman, who spies on his friends and even alienates Alfred. Finally Power Girl makes sense, and finally it seems like there was a reason why so many DC heroes have become so dark over the last year. It all makes sense, as the editors promised, all part of a larger plan.

It’s all so cool and exciting and wonderful. It’s a gift to long-time fans (was that the original Huntress, daughter of the Earth-2 Batman, on the last page?) and at the same time gives new readers hope that the DCU will move into a new direction.

It’s the small touches that make the book so fun. From the charming family scene with Animal Man’s family on the first page ("Have you seen my space suit?" "It was leaking rocket fuel." "It was a gift from Adam Strange.") to Power Girl’s memories returning ("I do remember! I’m not alone! I see the extra bedroom with the daisy wallpaper.") to the return of Booster Gold and Skeets, this book is just absolutely wonderful.

There’s only one scene that doesn’t fit with everything else. There’s a scene where the Joker kills the leader of the Royal Flush Gang, and there’s a scene on the last page of great carnage. In a book with such a bright energy, this scene just doesn’t fit for me. Though it might lead the way for a return to a more classical fun Joker, the blood and guts just don’t fit the rest of the comic.

But overall, this has exceeded my expectations. What a fun story.


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