Finder #23, 24 and 25 (2001)

"Dream Sequence" is the first story I’ve read from Carla Speed McNeil’s self-published comic, and it’s a really damn intriguing introduction. As far as I can tell, the story takes place in a near-future time where the Earth is dramatically overpopulated, and the only way to escape is the Virtual Reality ‘Elsewhere’, where dreams – and sometimes nightmares – are as real as the world right in front of you. This world is the manifestation of one man, Magri White, who is having problems maintaining the reality.
It’s a fascinating world, in part because McNeil does such a fine job of conveying her world. Maybe because she chooses a first person narrator, the comics present a frighteningly real world of the future, where escape is the only way to get by. The story is full of mystery and strangeness and an incredibly alien world that also feels like the world next door.
It’s the kind of comic that intrigues because I have absolutely no idea what the rest of this series is like based on this story. Does it follow Magri White, alienated and ostracised from the world that he is responsible for? Ayo, the guy who plugs into the VR world and gets literally chewed up in that world? Even the letters page gives no clue – when I read the long letter in the back of issue 25, I have no idea what the writer is talking about.
But that’s part of the fun of reading a self-published comic like Finder. I know I can go to the Finder website to catch up on the book. But I kinda don’t want to. I want to stumble over and read the issues in random order. I want to wander around the world that could only come from Carla Speed McNeil and try to figure it out in my own way. Too much of life is dull and predictible. I like finding something that’s odd and uinique and utterly, completely, unpredictible.

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