Daredevil #163 (1979)

Yeah, it’s another issue of Frank Miller’s Daredevil. Regular readers of my blog (if there is such a thing!) know I’ve blogged about Miller’s DD quite a lot over the last eight months, probably the best sign of how much these comics mean to me. And in fact this issue was the first issue that really jumped out and grabbed me at the time. I remember distinctly loving this story where Daredevil battles the Hulk, and somehow uses his wits and intelligence to defeat the big green monster.
It’s an echo of the famous battle between DD and the Sub-Mariner, illustrated by the great Wally Wood, in DD 9. That issue showed a weak Daredevil try to keep Subby from invading new York and, just using his wits and intelligence. Daredevil truly shows himself as a man without fear in both stories, which is the perfect stuff for great comics melodrama.
There are lots of great sequences in this comic. We see Bruce Banner trapped in a dark, crowded subway train, struggling to keep himself from Hulking out and finally succumbing. The panel flow is great on that page, and culminates on the next page with a great vertical panel of the Hulk literally jumping out of the page as he jumps out of the subway.
In another great sequence, on page 19, we see Daredevil leap and jump around the Hulk, causing him the damage that a gnat would give a normal person, trying in vain to do something, anything, to keep the Hulk from destroying New York.
Or the middle tier of page 27, where Daredevil uses his passion and intelligence to keep the Hulk off of him. Just look at the faces in those panels. Miller is most often thought of as a great storyteller, but he’s great with characters, too.
I like to write about Miller’s Daredevil because nearly every issue is terrific. 

2 Responses to “Daredevil #163 (1979)”

  1. Ariel Says:

    Do you own every Frank Miller Daredevil comic from that era?

  2. Jason Says:

    I\’m actually only missing five issues by Miller from that era:159, 168 (first Elektra, very expensive) 169, 170 and 175They\’re top of my want list, though they\’re easy to find.

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