Sub-Mariner #50 (1972)

Bill Everett was a great Golden and Silver Age artist. It’s clear looking at this comic just how good Everett was at the end of his career, in the ’70s. This comic is bold and energetic, full of frenetic energy and excitement, as Everett pours a tremendous amount of effort into this comic.
It’s clear that Everett was fired up, returning to the character he had created in the late 1930s. His art has a tremendous amount of vitality to it – every panel seems to pulse with energy, and he’s terrific at depicting odd undersea characters and spaces. Everett was one of those artists whose work just got better and better through the years – he did some just stunning art in the ’70s.
The story is a bit wacky – there’s a giant crab that attacks Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner, but who cares? The master was back in command. Unfortunately, his run didn’t last very long, but you take what you can get.
I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of another case where a writer/artist was employed by Marvel in the ’70s. Neal Adams wrote and drew a few ‘mystery’ stories in that era, but there I can’t think of another instance of another creator in that era who had this sort of freedom. In fact, I think that was part of why Frank Miller on Daredevil was so explosive – we hadn’t seen anyone with his freedom before.
I paid three bucks for this comic, the same price as a new comic costs today. It’s a no-brainer which is a better value.

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    just curious don\’t know what to expect. My contetn needs work ( and my writing)

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