Seattle Comicard Convention: 10/23/05

The Seattle Comicard Convention keeps marching on, more and more pathetic each time it’s run.
The Comicard convention is a one-day comics show that a guy named Steve Miner has had in Seattle for many years. These shows used to happen five or six times per year, but lately they’ve happened once or twice per year. At their peak, which happened as the comics market was peaking, these were fun events, with lots of dealers and interesting guests. Miner broiught Bernie Wrightson, Len Wein and Al Feldstein to Seattle to appear at these shows, and the show spread across five or six rooms at Seattle Center.
Today’s show is a new nadir. There were no guests to speak of, and for the first time, the show was only in two rooms – neither of which seemed very full of conventioneers.
Part of this might be that we finally have a big annual convention, the Emerald City Convention, every year. Emerald City has become a big two-day convention, filling one of the big convention halls in Seattle, and has become a regional event. Apparently also there will be a new small show in January at a local mall; hopefully this will pick up some of the slack. But it’s sad to see an institution fall by the wayside.
Even all that said, I picked up a nice stack of 25 comics. I haven’t read any yet, but why not some comments about each of the comics? Some might get reviewed on this blog in the future.
Marvel Monsters: Devil Dinosaur I almost bought this for cover price, so I was happy to get it for two bucks. Looks wacky.
Prize Comics Western #72 from 1948. Bought it for $4.25; this is now the oldest comic in my collection.
Red Circle Sorcery # 5, 10, 11: Lots of nice Gray Morrow art in this old ’70s horror anthology.
Ghost Rider #3: the ’70s series. First issue of GR I’ve had in a long time.
Giant-Size X-Men #3: new art by Neal Adams, and cost a buck.
Two Gun Kid #93: Nice John Severin cover.
Sub-Mariner #71: A bad comic, but it fills a little gap in my collection
Sub-Mariner #50: I was just reading about Bill Everett’s ’70s stuff, and this has that work.
Spectre #2: Nice classic ’60s Neal Adams art.
Snarf #10: Nice early ’80s humor comic.
Plastic Man #14: I just wrote about this series the other day.
Marvel Presents: Bloodstone #2: What can I say, I was in the mood for some cheezy Bronze Age Marvels.
The Hawk & the Dove #1: Great Steve Ditko art and story
Fantastic Four #61, 67, 68, 74: Yeah, great Lee/Kirby FF.
Daredevil #163, 165, 177: Closing in on my complete run of Miller DDs.
Dream Police #1: I love getting $4 cover comics for .50
That’s it. Any opinions from any of you on these purchases?

2 Responses to “Seattle Comicard Convention: 10/23/05”

  1. Ariel Says:

    You should do a review of Marvel\’s Devil Dinasaur. It looks really good and I think I read it reprints the origin of the Hulk, which I already have on TPB, but is still cool. I am thinking about picking up a copy myself.

  2. Jason Says:

    Sure, I\’ll review it tomorrow. It does look good, doesn\’t it?

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