Stray Bullets #39 (2005)

This series just keeps rolling along, issue after issue, consistently terrific.
Lately, issues rotate between true crime-oriented stories and bizarre light fantasy stories. This issue is one of the latter, and might be the most bizarre story that’s appeared recently. On the first page we see Amy Racecar and her pal William wearing samurai garb in what we’re told is "Japan, nineteenth century, the Meiji Period." So what’s the big item inpanel three on page one? Amy and William’s car. From there we follow our two erstwile heroes as they arrive in a medieval Japanese village in the midst of a war between two warlords. As you might imagine, this isn’t exactly the most realistic battle. Amy tries to install herself as a revolutionary leader, while at the same time, her evil twin, armless and legless, fights to help her.
This isn’t the most inviting of issues for readers who might want to jump aboard this series, and yet at the same time it is. A reader with an open mind, who enjoys the kind of random chaos and silliness of this story, might really enjoy it. Not too many comics, no matter the series, are as fun and light and interesting as this story, and Lapham’s art is sterling as ever. On the other hand, any readers not already keyed to the unique style and energy of this comic may find it baffling in the extreme. There also is quite a bit of carnage in the story, so readers with weak stomachs may not apply.
For me? I loved it. But I love strange, silly comics.

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