Plastic Man #18 (2005)

Sometimes this comic has a habit of dragging. But not this issue. It’s chock full of funny scenes and clever lines, and, amazingly, the thing is full of plot. Plastic Man has been broken into a million pieces by the evil villain Ray El Ray. Can Plastic Man’s pal Woozy Winks get defeat Ray El Ray (well, yes, but it’s funny and you have to see it), get Plas back together (well, Woozy does have the superpower of flab) and get him to Tibet (he does, only to be confronted with a villain who will shock you. Well, he shocked me anyway)? Of course, this is a super-hero comic. By the way, the villain revealed on the last page is one I never expected to see in this series. Seeing him here was a real shock. It seems this book does have a connection to the Infinite Crisis.
Meanwhile, readers meet two competing Spectres, whose arguments with each other are hysterical ("You automatically reject my ideas!" "You never listen to me!") and see much teeth-gnashing over the upcoming crisis ("Woozy, things are changing in Our Universe. People are dying violently. Superheroes™ are crying."). Plus there’s a giant spider. Who could ask for more?
Yeah, it’s another wonderful issue of Kyle Baker’s Plastic Man. This is a wild and wooly comic book, a ridiculous amount of fun for three bucks, and it’s even in continuity. I realize that almost nobody is reading this comic, and it’s cancelled after two more issues, but you’re missing a damn funny series if you’re not picking this one up.

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