Green Lantern #13 (1962)

My friend Mike always likes to beat me up about old DC comics. "You don’t like those old cheesy DC Silver Age books. You like those post-modern Bronze Age books over those old puzzle stories that DC used to run." You know, on the whole, Mike is right. And a little bit of these comics goes a long way for me. But I loved this old issue of Green Lantern.
It’s pure Silver Age in so many ways. There’s a crazily goofy cover. There’s lots of shots of our heroes in their civilian identies wearing ties. There are bizarre alien creatures. There are lots of scenes of GL’s pal Alaskan pal Pieface. Yeah, Pieface. Not a politically correct era. But most of all, the comic has lots and lots of gorgeous Gil Kane art. Like a caged tiger anxious to be free, Kane strained against the quiet stories he was forced to illustrated, but even here, this is gorgeous artwork.
I’d probably get a bit tired of a steady diet of pure Silver, but as a breath of fresh air, this is wonderful.

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