Dead Men Tell No Tales #2 (2005)

I’m a sucker for a good pirate tale. And this is a damn good pirate tale. There’s nothing like the sheer evil of a pirate captain sending his ship into battle, damn the quality of the people in the ship he’s trying to plunder. I loved El Cazador, I ate up Bloodthirsty Pirate Tales, I even like the pirate scenes in Watchmen.

Dead Men Tell No Tales looks like a great addition to the pirate genre. Dwight McPherson’s script is lusty and passionate. Captain Kidd has returned from the dead to seek the Holy Grail, an item so powerful that even knights of the holy cross are seduced by its power. Captain Kidd is insane and evil, seeking the Grail at all costs, even killing the members of his crew who are distractions from the goal. He’s one bad-ass pirate, the worst of the worst, and he’s everything that makes pirate stories great.

The art by Mike Fiorentino and Tony DeVito is also wonderful. The life of a pirate is a desperate, exciting, dangerous life, and the art team does a bang-up job of conveying that intense chaotic life. Captain Kidd fairly radiates evil with his empty eye sockets and scars worn like trophies on his face. The color team also does a great job, racheting up the intensity of the entire book until it becomes an operetta of violence and evil.

I really like pirate comics, and I like pirate comics that are really well done even more. I really loved Dead Men Tell No Tales.

3 Responses to “Dead Men Tell No Tales #2 (2005)”

  1. logansdaddy Says:

    Hi, great Space:) I just bought a huge lot of comic books and do not know much about them. I found your\’s by searching Spaces for comics. Do you know of a place online to find prices of comics from 80 – 93 marvel, dc, i, +.? I enjoyed reading your entries. Have a great week…tom g

  2. Jason Says:

    Hmm, I wish I did, sorry.

  3. Ariel Says:

    Jason, great review! I also enjoyed this book very much and was glad that we got an andvance view of it via the slugfest. Just one tiny nitpick, I think that you may have mixed up the pirates in the story. I\’m not too up on my history of pirates but Captain Kidd was the captain which most of issue one was about but I think issue two mostly focused on Blackbeard who was the one who killed off most off his crew in the comic. I would have to check Arcana\’s website again which has a lot of detail about the series, which they are trying to promote, which of course they should. Keep up the good work! This blog rocks!

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