Supernatural Thrillers #4 (1973): Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

When I first thought of writing this blog, it was to talk about comics like this one. It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing about new comics, but it’s relatively easy to find reviews of all but the most obscure new comics online. Nobdy talks about crap like these sorts of mediocre mid-’70s Marvel obscurities. So here I am, filling my own little niche on the web.
When I picked this comic up at Hi-De-Ho Comics in Santa Monica two weeks ago, I expected the worst. How could I not, based on this goofy cover? Just look at that bargain basement Hulk? He looks like he’s ready to fight Thor, not be part of a nice little Victorian thriller. That is one ugly Bronze Age cover, isn’t it?
Inside, though, things are a bit more reasonable. Nobody every accused artist Win Mortimer of being another Neal Adams in terms of slickness and flash, but his work is relatively nice. Sure, he follows the standard Marvel style in his work – he goes for the most dynamic possible angle in scenes over and over again – but Mortimer’s loose and sketchy style is very professional.
Professional is also the word for Ron Goulart’s script. Faced with the daunting task of compressing Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel to 20 comics pages, he compresses almost all the psychological aspects of the story and just focuses on the action and emotion. What else could he do in such a compact amount of space? If things are sort of awkward and scenes feel too short, what alternative does Goulart have?
So this is basically a decent, pretty bland, old comic. It’s not great, it’s not embarassing.

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